first of all, it’s impossible to describe me however I will share some life experiences and you can render a description of your liking (which you would have done anyway). an artist by natural traits, I see the world in lines, angles and shadows; a businesswoman, I have been at the executive level in billion dollar companies; an entrepreneur, I created my own non profit in youth athletics and taught teens to run half marathons around the world; a content, wise and energetic fitness enthusiast, I created ImageAthletic to Change the World … again. a certified long distance running coach, marathoner, triathlete, ToughMudder, lifeguard, nutritionist, strength trainer, career advisor, athletic manager, writer, sommelier, travel snob, chocolate lover and kayak fisherwoman; born August 17 (leo) and a redhead (irish) that makes me lethal .. quite gifted in a variety of intellectual behaviours, philosophies and instructional training styles, I am most proud of my ability to view life simultaneously from 20,000 ft up and sea level .. without missing a thing 🙂

we celebrate athleticism, inspire health, motivate fitness with our images. we focus our creative lens on creating captivating visual portraits and videos for our clients and for our believers. our goal is to encourage the mental, physical and spiritual transformation to a rich, purposeful life.

this creative co op of exceptional Athletes and Artists is built upon three main concepts in our quest to change the world  ~

promote the image of health, fitness and athleticism through the visual imagery of our Athletes

customize Video Production for any individual or organization within the health, fitness and sports industries

share our collective knowledge on fitness and health with like minded intellects and those who seek to learn. join SE60 today

choose health and experience happiness in your life through ImageAthletic.

sense the pulsating heart rate of strength and power. breathe life into your brand. this is our vision and our life. this is what we do.

show the whole world you stand up for healthy living and the celebration of sport and fitness perfectly embodied by the sculpted Athletes of ImageAthletic.